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Clean, Punchy Monitoring for Tighter Spaces


Powerful. Portable. Petite.

The MJF-208 brings the sonic excellence of the award-winning MJF‑210 to intimate stages at churches, clubs, and theatres as well as on tours where space is limited. Twin-driver design yields excellent sound quality and impressive headroom despite the small footprint.

Gain More with Linearity

Thanks to Meyer Sound’s unrivaled linearity and a well-controlled coverage pattern, the MJF-208 minimizes interaction with nearby mics and delivers exceptional gain before feedback.

Enlarge the Artist's Comfort Zone

The horizontal coverage allows the performer to move side to side freely while remaining in the sweet spot.

Great Sound with Less Time and Space

The self-powered MJF-208 eliminates separate amplifiers for faster setup and more efficient workflow, while its low profile preserves sight lines and saves valuable storage and truck space. The optional MDM-832 distribution module provides a dependable and convenient way to route AC power, audio, and RMS signals.




Our most demanding customers requested that we deliver Meyer Sound's renowned power, clarity and precise coverage to the MJF-210 low-profile stage monitor. Now with the MJF-208 we are thrilled to bring these advantages to even more applications.

Pablo EspinosaChief Loudspeaker Designer and VP of R&D


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